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Steel Buckler Shield W Handle & Chain

Steel Buckler Shield W Handle & Chain
Steel Buckler Shield W Handle & Chain
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Product Description

The shield has been constructed from stainless steel and aged brass. The shield features a defined rim and boss. Steel rivets secure the rim of the buckler. Steel rivets secure the boss. Golden bands decorate the shield around the boss of the shield. An arm strap and handle allow the shield to be worn. A steel chain on the back of the shield allows the shield to be easily hung from the wall.

The buckler came into wide spread use from 1100-1600. Although, the shield was simple, it was still highly effective at both defense and offense. Typically the buckler was used in tandem with a rapier, falchion or arming sword. The shield could quickly deflect attacks allowing for a quick counter strike. The shield could also be used to punch opponents.

This is a replica of a Medieval Knights Viking Buckler.

Width: 24 Inches Length: 24 Inches Material: Stainless Steel Features: Wall Mount and Handle