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Learn the Italian translation for those Special Cooking Ingredients (Ingredienti Speciali)

Special ingredients
Special ingredients
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Butter (Burro) In Italy (especially in the south), as in the mediterranean countries, we never use it so much... we prefer oil of olive, but in some dishes butter can be very important.

Capers (Capperi) Preserved in vinegar and salt, or salt alone, those flower buds of a native Mediterranean shrub have a strong flavor. Use it... but with care.

Canned Tomatoes (Pomodori in scatola) If you can, make your tomato sauce from fresh tomato, especially when it is the summer season and the tomatoes are really tomatoes... but during winter you can use the canned one, but please use the plain one, without salt or spice added. You, and only you... have to do the sauce. Don't cheat or I'll make the spy!

Fresh beer yeast or Easy Blend Dried Yeast (Lievito di birra fresco o Lievito secco facile da miscelare) The fundamental ingredient to make grow the Pizza: the yeast. I'd prefer the fresh beer yeast to mix it first with the water, but even the easyblend Dried yeast that you can mixed directly with the flour works very good and you can always keep it some in your storage.

Strong white Flour (Farina Bianca 00) Please try to find the most natural possible... I mean, no iron or strange vitamins added: it should be just plain white flour and better if coming from biological coltivations. Our Pizza must taste not like a pharmacy.

Wholemeal flour (Farina Integrale) Even it is healthier and richer of the plain one, I don't suggest to use the Wholemeal flour to make Pizza: it make it too hard. Instead it is a good idea to use it to make pasta home made.

Oil of Olive (Olio di Oliva) No way. There is no other oil better than this... all over the world. Since the time of the ancient greeks, the olive oil had a fundamental importance for the poplulations of the mediterran sea. But becareful: it must be extravirgin and cold pressed. It is more expansive than every other oil, but it is worth it. Remember that the olive oil is the fundamental top for most of the italian foods.

Olives black and green (Olive nere e verdi) The green are unripe, the black have more flavour and are ripe. Like the oil of olive, the are the secret of the healthy mediterranean foods: help to fight the colesterol and keep your hearth and blood health.

Salt (Sale) Please avoid to buy the one raffinato beacause it is just made of cloruro di sodio. Buy the whole sea salt because it supplies iodide and many other elements important for the health of your body. We are what we eat...

Pine nuts (Pinoli) You'll need to add them in the "Pesto alla genovese"

Walnuts (Noci) Are the fundamental ingredient to prepare the "fettucine alle noci"...

Raisin (Uva passa) Can be very useful to put some sweet in some dishes...