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Spaghetti Tomato and Arena (Tomato and Basil)

Spaghetti Tomato and Arena (tomato, garlic and Basil)
Spaghetti Tomato and Arena (tomato, garlic and Basil)
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Va bene (Alright), give me a smile, look at me... and I'll give you a recipe... 1, 2, 3. Let's start... This is one of the simplest but delicious Italian pasta and remember, often the simplest things are the best, but only if done in the right way... Spaghetti Pomodoro e Basilico, is the first recipe that I want to share with you and that I've rename it Spaghetti Blood and Arena.... Because the red of the tomato in this recipe reminds me the blood of the Arena when I was working in the Ancient Rome as Gladiator. In this traditional and famous Spaghetti Recipe you will find all the caracteristic flavor of Italy, with the taste of the tomato and aromatic flavor of the fresh basil... very sensual and Mediterranean. These are the ingredients you need for 3 people

- 6 or 7 large ripe tomatoes

- 3 garlic gloves

- 500 gr (or 1lb) of Spaghetti

- salt and pepper (and a pinch of red hot chili)

- oil extravergine of olive

- 10 leaves of fresh Basil

- 6 tablespoons of Grate Parmesan (Parmiggiano Grattuggiato) or if you prefer some mozzarella

1) First of all we need to skin the tomatoes... How? Just by placing them in boiling water for 1 minute, but be careful not longer because we don't want they become mushy...

2) Now finally we can peel the skin of the tomatoes and chop them in little pieces... (a blender can be very helpful and make your life easier)

3) Get a big fry pan, add some oil to cover the surface (2 or 3 spoons are enough) and heat the oil with the garlic. When the oil is hot add the tomatoes you already chopped. The temperature of the fire must be over low/medium... Add some salt and pepper (I prefer also add some red hot chili) and half of the leaves of fresh Basil you have. Help to smash even more the chopped tomatoes with your wood spoon and let it all cook for at least 5/10 minutes... till the water of the tomatoes is partially dried then simmer over low heat for at least another 10 minutes... Taste it and understand if the salt is enough and eventually add it more. I prefer don't overcook this sauce because you can appreciate more the taste of the fresh tomato and also because the sauce is more light.

4) Now boil the spaghetti as I've already told you in the chapter How to cook Pasta in Human Way.

5) Now the Spaghetti are ready you can add them in the fry pan with the sauce you already prepared and mix it all adding the Parmesan and the remaining leaves of Basil with a pinch of dried oregano... And Buonappetitooooooooooooooooo!!!