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Sardinia Flag Keychain with Free Italy Postcard

Sardinia Flag Keychain with Free Italy Postcard
Sardinia Flag Keychain with Free Italy Postcard
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Exquisite Sardinia flag keychains from Italy! These hand-made Sardinia flag keychains are not only true works of art, but are very unique gifts and souvenirs from Italy!

The traditional flag of Sardegna (dated from the end of the 14th century) is the white one with the red cross and the four moors heads. As such it was used by ships sailing from island harbours when Sardinia was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia. When in 1802 (and until 1814) the Kingdom was reduced to the island itself, the Savoias replaced the Savoia cross in the canton of the naval ensign of the kingdom with the Sardinia ensign. Mario Fabretto ,17 September 1997

Flag of Sardinia - The Region adopts as its flag the traditional flag of Sardinia: a white field with red cross, a Moor head with a bend in each canton looking at the fly. Pier Paolo Lugli, 30 April 2001

192 Island of Sardinia - A St. George's cross with each quarter a moor head, except the bands are placed as blind-folds. Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 12 November 2001

The flag is nicknamed "the Four Moors' Banner" ("Bandiera dei Quattro Mori". The flag is white with a red cross and four Moor's heads in the quarters. According to the Iberic tradition, the flag was created by King of Aragon Peter I after the victory of Alcoraz (1096). The battle was won with the help of St. George, therefore the red cross, who abandoned on the battle field the heads of the four defeated Moorish kings. The Sardinian tradition associated the Four Moors' banner to the mythical standard given by Pope Benedict II to the Pisans, who helped the Sardinians to fight the Sarracen invaders in 1017. In fact, the oldest representation of the emblem dates back to 1281, and can be seen on a seal of the Royal Chancellery of Peter the Great of Aragon. The Four Moors were associated to Sardinia only in the second half of the XIVth century, when the Kingdom of Sardinia was part of the Confederation of the Crown of Aragon, as shown on the Gerle Armorial. The emblem was widely used in the Spanish Sardinia, on engravings, coins and the standards of the special corps "Tercios de Cederna", created by Don Carlos to protect the island, and which fight the Turks in Tunis (1535) and Lepante (1571). The representation of the Moors was not fixed: the Moors might face right or left or each other two by two, might be crowned, and might be banded. In the middle of the XVIIIth century, the representation was fixed: the Moors faced left and were eye-banded. A given reason for this is the lack of liberalism of the Piemontese government against the Sardinian population. The emblem was shown on the amrs of the Piemontese dynasty, on the official documents and coins of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and on militia flags. The emblem was later used by the "Brigata Sassari" who fought the Austrians during the Second World War [I would rather say First World War]. In 1952, by a Decree of the President of the Region dated 5 July 1952, the emblem was placed on the gonfalone of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia and became the official symbol of the Region. The flag of the Region was prescribed by Regional Law of 15 April 1999. The Four Moors face the fly and the band was placed on their forehead. Source: B. Fois "Lo stemma dei quattro mori, breve storia dell'emblema dei Sardi". Carlo Delfino Editore, Sassari (1990). Ivan Sache, 19 April 2002

These wonderful Sardinia souvenir keychains are 4" long, features a handmade enameled 2" Sardinia logo charm, and the zama metal body of the keychain ensures maximum durability!

Along with this wonderful Sardinia flag souvenir keychain from Italy, we will include an Italy postcard, free of charge!

4" long with 2" Sardinia enameled charm.