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Italian Serenade Service

Italian Serenade Service now provides unique and romantic gift and personalized gift ideas that you can give to special people in your life.... a personalized serenade via telephone OR skype!

Luca is an Italian Serenader from Rome, and he will deliver your personal message and sing a beautiful Italian Serenade or Love Poem to your special person, to anywhere in the world! This is the first Italian Serenade online service with an Italian Serenader from Italy. For just $29.99, offers this unique service delivering your special message with an Italian Serenade. Give a unique gift that will not be forgotten!

Send a personalized message and a live serenade to anybody in the world for just $29.99!!

What a unique and wonderful way to express your message of love or to send your thoughtful, good wishes. Instead of flowers or candy, send a live serenade for an extraordinary birthday or anniversary gift, or delight your beloved on Valentine's Day like never before. If you miss someone, or need to apologize for something, or just want to let someone know how much they mean to you, send them a personalized, live serenade, a gift they will never forget. When words simply can not convey your deepest sympathy, a live 'Ave Maria' serenade may touch someone's heart in the perfect way. Or if you've been looking for the ideal way to propose. The serenades are sung in Italian, the message before the serenade can be in English or Italian, it's your choice.

Some ideas below for an occasion, or you may have something else very special to celebrate. An exceptional gift at an incredible price.

1. Express your Love
2. Proposal - Engagement
3. Wedding/Anniversary
4. Congratulations - (births, graduations, etc.)
5. Thank-you
6. Miss you - Thinking of you
7. Get Well
8. Apology - I'm Sorry
9. Mother's Day
10.Fathers' Day
11.Happy Birthday
12.Valentines' Day
14.Bon Voyage
15.Sympathy - Condolences
16.Baptism - Any Religious Occasion
17.Merry Christmas

Click here to listen to Demo Wedding Proposal

Click here to listen to Demo We miss you

Or you can send a love poem (for example, the poem FOR YOU) instead of a serenade, Luca will read the romantic poem for your loved one, with romantic background music.

How the Italian Serenade Service Works:

1) Choose an occasion from below, the appropriate song has been selected for that specific occasion. Also, please MAKE sure that you include a brief message in the COMMENTS BOX in the shopping cart, this is the message that will be read to the receiver before the serenade, and let us know if you want the message in English or Italian. Also, let us know the best time of day/night to call them.

2) Provide the name of the person receiving serenade, please put that information in the "comments box" in the shopping cart, your information goes in the billing. Make sure we have their phone #.

After the Italian Serenader performs the serenade or poem, we will also email you with the recorded Mp3 audio file so you can keep this special memory.

As we receive your order and information with best time to call, etc., they will receive the surprise, your personal message and serenade... Live!