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Pizza Margherita

Pizza Margherita
Pizza Margherita
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Let's start from the basic. If you think that what usually you can eat in the most American pizza stores it is the real pizza and it tastes like an Italian pizza... Sorry, you are wrong! maybe you can call it American Pizza and ok... nothing wrong with it, but if you want to eat the real Italian pizza there are only 3 ways: the first one is more expansive but could be very exciting.... go to Italy. the second one be lucky and find a good Italian Restaurant close your home, the third one more very exciting and sure less expansive ... Just follow this recipe. Now we are going to speak about the pizza Margherita. This pizza took the name from the Italian Queen Margherita that during the summer of 1889 she went for a vacation to Naples and so she had the opportunity to taste this simple but delicious pizza made from a famous local pizza man. She enjoyed it so much that the pizza man decided to name this before unnamed pizza, in honor of the queen.... just simply pizza Margherita. As u can read in the chapter "How to make Pizza from Scratch", let's get the ingredients we need to make the dough for 2 pizzas and let's start to prepare the Pizza dough as I`ve already told you.


1 cup and half strong white flour

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

2/3 almost one cup of warm water

1 tablespoon of easy blend dried yeast

After your pizza dough is grown up, get the dough and knead it again for 5 more minutes. As I told you before in the chapter "How to make Pizza from Scratch", now you can use your rolling pin to shape the dough to make it fit in your pan. The dough that you have right now is enough for two medium pizza (following the instructions and the ingredients in how to make pizza from Scratch). Divide the dough when is ready in two balls and work them with your rolling pin shaping them to fit the round pan. Now before you put your dough into the pan, let's spread over the pan a lightly surface of Flour to avoid the dough sticks to the pan. Now let's put the dough into the pan pushing it with the fingers from the center to the borders. Now we are ready to add the top. Easy.. right?

Get the following ingredients for the toppings:

- 4 or 5 large ripe tomatoes (or one can of tomatoes)

- 3 garlic gloves

- salt

- oil extravergine of olive

- 10 leaves of fresh Basil

- Mozzarella (fresh if possible)

if you want to use the fresh tomatoes (I always prefer them), do the same sauce that I have showed you in the recipe "Spaghetti Blood and Arena". But after the sauce is ready, just get off the garlic gloves and Basil leaves and put them in to the trash. If you want to use the canned tomatoes, no problem, just cook them as the fresh tomatoes and be sure to make become them as a puree or if you prefer make them at least finely chopped. After you have cooked for at least 5 minutes the tomatoes, reducing their water, and properly spiced and seasoned, you can start finally to spread the sauce over the Pizza, but attention now! Don't make the mistake that too many times you'll see in the most American Pizzas... Don't overload your pizza with the tomato's Sauce... You want to eat pizza not a brick of tomatoes, right? The secret is to start spreading from the center and go to the borders of your Pizza, and even where there is tomato's sauce you should still see a little bit the white of the dough.... At this point the 99% of the cooking books or the television Chefs they say to add Mozzarella on the top of your pizza... Forget it! Right? This is the most crazy thing you can do it now if you are going to cook your Pizza in your Home's Oven... Consider that to cook your Pizza in this average oven you need at least 15/20 minutes, instead of the 3 or 5 minutes of the professional wood oven... what is going to happen to your fresh Mozzarella if you add it at the beginning of the cooking? It just become "Hot boiled Mozzarella-Chewing gum"... and the fresh taste it will be just wasted... When you finish to spread the tomato's sauce, just add a little bit of oil and salt... nothing more, no mozzarella and please no spices and Basil (unless you want to eat it burned, black and bitter). At this point as you can read in the chapter "The Home Baker and some tips how to cook Pizza", you have already pre heat the oven at maximum POWER! Now that the Oven is really HOT, finally you can put the Pizza inside! After the first 10 minutes the Pizza starts to be almost ready... You can open and add Finally the mozzarella... and close the oven again for at least 5 more minutes... Please don't add a ton of Mozzarella... as for the tomato's sauce, you want a pizza and not a Brick of Cheese... right? Cut your mozzarella in little pieces and add them in the way that you can have the effect that you can see the white of the cheese mixed over the red of the tomato's sauce... After you finish the operation (please do it quickly), put the pizza into the oven again for more 5 minutes, and after these 5 more minutes... at this point it should be almost ready... Open the oven and check that the pizza's borders are a little bit brown and finally bring your Masterpiece on the table... and now finally you can add the Basil and why not... even a little bit of Dried oregano... With a little bit of practice and lot of fun, believe me, you will be able to surprise your friends and your family with the most unbelievable delicious and simple Pizza that they ever had. Parola di Spartacus! Spartacus Word!