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Medieval Knight Crusader Shield ith Handle

Medieval Knight Crusader Shield with Handle
Medieval Knight Crusader Shield with Handle
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Product Description

The shield has been constructed from stainless steel and aged brass. The shield features a defined rim and boss. Golden rivets secure the rim of the buckler. Steel rivets secure the boss. A golden crusader cross is in the middle of the boss. Four golden Fleur-De-Lis decorate the middle of the shield. An arm strap and handle allow the shield to be worn. A steel chain on the back of the shield allows the shield to be easily hung from the wall.

The buckler came into wide spread use from 1100-1600. Although, the shield was simple, it was still highly effective at both defense and offense. Typically the buckler was used in tandem with a rapier, falchion or arming sword. The shield could quickly deflect attacks allowing for a quick counter strike. The shield could also be used to punch opponents.

This is a replica of a Medieval Knights Crusader Buckler.

Width: 24 Inches Length: 24 Inches Material: Stainless Steel Features: Wall Mount and Handle