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Marilyn and Victor and their trip in Rome

Marilyn and Victor and their trip in Rome
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Hi everybody, We are back from the eternal city; Rome. It was such a memorable experience; one never to be forgotten. This was our second trip to Rome. First time 35 years ago as singles on our way to Canada (ofcourse separately) and this time together as husband and wife.

We were a little concerned about our trip to Rome; almost afraid to go, but all our fears were just that and evaporated as the days went on. Thanks to the hospitality of our kind friends in Grand Island our children were well looked after. So we did indeed have nothing to worry about, but just go and enjoy our visit to Rome.

We were so fortunate to be staying among the kindest; SOLT brothers that we had met in Corpus Christi. We were thus able to attend Mass regularly.

We were blessed to be able to hear Mass in the Clementine Chapel (the one that is built in front of St. Peter's tomb and the one in which Fr. Corapi celebrated his 1st. Mass) within 24 hours of our arrival.

We then toured Rome 'completely'!!! Wow!

We got a chance to visit the 4 main Basilicas: St Peter's, St Paul's outside the Walls, St.Mary Major & St John Lateran, the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, now 'the ruins', the Catacombs, the numerous churches; with relics of all sorts; fragments of the true cross of Jesus, thorns, nails, the actual stairs that the Lord walked up to Pilate with drops of the blood of Christ on it (St. Helena, Emperor Constantine's mother had her son transfer a lot of the relics from Jerusalem to Rome), Tombs of Sts. Peter and Paul, St Cecilia, St Catherine of Sienna, St Francis of Assisi, St. Clare. We actually entered the tiny room where St Joseph Cupertino was 'grounded' and the chapel where he celebrated Mass and where he would levitate . he is the patron saint of aviation. A must movie or read for all. We also got a chance to see the Vatican Museum with ofcourse the beautiful Sistine Chapel. We also saw the underground cell where Sts. Peter & Paul were chained to an iron pillar and in another church, the actual chains that were used on St. Peter. Also Michael Angelo's famous sculptures of the Pieta, Jesus & Moses. Our highlights included a public audience with the Holy Father (we were about 4' from him as he entered the Paul V1 hall. Awesome!!!) and the papal Rosary that the Holy Father prayed with University students from Rome and connected with University students from Budapest, Denmark, and other countries by satellite. It was so moving to be part of this oneness with Catholics all over the world. The faithful really love our Holy Father and constantly kept chanting Giovanni Paulo with 5 claps. The Bishop from Russia even told the Holy Father that they are waiting for him to come visit them. God bless our Holy Father and may our holy Mother take care of him and bring him to Canada for WYD. We prayed for each one of you and your families in Rome and got the Papal blessing which also extends to family, friends and loved ones. We are now editing our 4 hours of video to approximately 15 minutes to show you some day soon. Once again we have numerous people to thank for having made this pilgrimage to Rome possible and so care-free; All the Brothers (esp. Bros. Peter, Mark and Mike), our friends; Bobby and Beryl who gave us the travel voucher, our neighbors; John, Cathy and Alex who took care of our house, our friends Don and Rita who took in our 'destitute children' and the many blessing that were dispensed to us enroute and you, for your prayers and goodwishes. Our blessed mother was very much a part of this period with the Rosary being prayed for you at various places, churches and times. We have brought back rosaries, holy pictures and medals for each one of you. These were blessed by the Holy Father. If you have not received yours as yet, please remind us to give you one when we meet. Surely a trip to Rome is a must for every Catholic. We intend to revisit. Want to come along??? God is a Good God. He really is. Praise God and His workers. Thanks to you all once again. God Bless! Marilyn and