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Joe De Luca Bio

Joe De Luca Bio
Joe De Luca Bio
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At the start of the eighties, still in his early teens, JOE left sun blessed small town southern Italy to seek excitement and artistic stimuli. He ended up as an art student in New Haven, not far from New York City. He was influenced by the local music scene and his musical ambition began to take shape - leading him to eventually abandon his studies and move back to Rome. There, he joined a string of underground bands moving up to better known ones By 1985 he had established himself as a drummer of a Rome based band called "EUROPE" releasing an album (Bubble/Cgd label). This adventure ended with a legal dispute with the Swedish "EUROPE" over the ownership of the name.

Towards the end of the eighties, JOE formed a studio band which played with a number of prominent Italian artists on recordings and tours, releasing a soundtrack from one of the year's hit films, and an album with one of Italy's rising stars which hit the National Top Ten. During this period JOE's musical interests expanded, and another outlet for his talents was the composition of music for TV Commercials such as ROVER.

With the new technological breakthroughs in sound recording, and following the break-up of yet another of his groups, JOE decided to enter the world of computer music programming. He set up his own 24-track studio which he equipped with the latest keyboards and effects devices. A short time later, in 1990, his first solo single

was released as a Mix version under the title of "ALL THROUGH THE NITE" (Interbeat/Ricordi), and was distributed throughout Europe and Japan.

During 1991 JOE closed himself up in his studio and commenced work on his first solo album "COMING BACK FOR MORE" (WEA), which was released in 1992.

JOE played the roles of composer, musician, producer and engineer. Two tracks from the album were included in the film "EVERYDAY SURVIVAL" (Yarno Cinematografica) for which JOE also composed the soundtrack. JOE's CD was to receive much critical acclaim at the MIDEM '93 trade fair in Cannes, where he was judged best newcomer. The CD was subsequently broadcasted by the finest European networks and received write-ups in the most influential magazines in the business such as MUSIC AND MEDIA, MUSICA E DISCHI, EUROPEAN MUSICIAN.

Not one to rest on his laurels, JOE shortly after set off on tour playing in Scandinavia, France, Germany and, of course, Italy. After pausing just long enough to catch his breath, JOE embarked on a project that was to tax his versatility even further, collaborating with French composer Jean-Marie Benjamin on a project funded by the Vatican; an opera based on the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. Thrust into unfamiliar terrain, JOE was to show that by no means was he out of his depth. The project culminated for JOE with him conducting the Sofia Symphonic Orchestra in Bulgaria.

Immediately after, he set to work on a task that would have tried the patience of a saint: namely, forming his new band! But his newly acquired 'spiritual connections' were to stand him in good stead. After months of exhaustive searching and countless auditions, he finally found the musicians he'd been looking for. The trio, comprising of Steve Palandri on guitar, Eric Alonzo on drums and Duch Grizi on bass, had already been playing together in the same band for two years, which had the effect of creating right from the start the harmony and understanding vital for the success of any project. The new band had been formed with one reason in mind; firmly set in his sights was the project JOE had been aiming at the whole of his artistic life: an album destined not just for Europe, but for the entire world. The partnership with an English lyricist, Peter Reginald Hallam, turned out to be a productive one. After eighteen months of hard slog in the studio, with JOE once again playing the roles of composer, musician, engineer and producer, the new album 'CRASH BARRIERS', was finally completed.

'CRASH BARRIERS', the title track of the new album, came into being the day JOE crashed his Porsche (accidentally on purpose) into the rear of a fellow motorist. After a fierce battle of both words and wits (all too common on Italian roads), JOE, not being one to stand for any nonsense, could take no more. He rammed his car into the rear of the 'road hog' in an attempt to 'bulldoze' him off the road. The result was JOE came off worst, finishing perched up on a guard-rail! This encounter set JOE thinking about the obstacles and constraints we come up against in daily life, the rules and regulations forced upon us by both society as a whole and the establishment. It also set him thinking about his determination to overcome them; the song 'CRASH BARRIERS' was born. Being more congenial to his personality, the new album strives to capture the JOE DE LUCA drive and determination, every ounce of which will be required if the new album is to be successful and gain acceptance in the UK and the US. But, as JOE eloquently points out in 'CRASH BARRIERS', " I'll crash thru those walls, bulldoze them all away... " and, judging by past events, anyone wishing to argue with that would be most ill-advised to do so!