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How to cook the pasta in "human way", that means "not for the dogs..."

How to cook the pasta in "human way"
How to cook the pasta in "human way"
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There are two ways to cook pasta: one is in "Human way"... that means for the human being... The other is the "Dog way"... that means, maybe only your dog it will eat it. One of the most important secret of how to cook a delicious Pasta dish is the right cooking, that's why I'm going to spend some extra words on it. The basic rule is very easy: Pasta should be cooked always "al dente" (literally "to the tooth"), that means cook it until it is tender, but still firm to the bite. First thing you need to cook Pasta is naturally the Pasta. The natural question is: "How much?" Depend how much you're hungry... Anyway a good portion for a person doesn't follow any special diet, is about 150 gr. A little trick for the spaghetti: it will be helpful to understand the quantity for an average portion handling an half fist of them. Second thing you need to cook Pasta is naturally a saucepan, better if large. Third very important thing you reaaally need to cook Pasta is water. Yes, water, plenty water... maybe you're thinking that I'm joking telling you about the water, because you're sure that everybody should know that to cook Pasta you need water, but more than one time I've seen somebody trying to cook Pasta in a dried sausepan... without water!!!

Then you need some salt to add in the water after is boiling. You could say now: - "some" salt? How much is it "some" salt for you? - Easy answer for a difficult question. "Some" means "some". Before you put the Pasta in the water let's start to add for example 2 tea spoons of salt, but the secret of this "some" is that there is not a perfect quantity of the salt you need, because depends on the type of Pasta and how much water you have to use it (everytime changes). The secret is you should always taste the Pasta meanwhile is boiling (please without eating it all) and then "feel" if you need to add a little bit more of salt. Okay, let's resume: a) Get a large saucepan and fill up of water. b) Make it boil. c) Add in it "some" salt. d) Only when it's boiling add the Pasta and bring back to a boil. f) At this point you should just wait the Pasta tastes "al dente". g) When Pasta is cooked quickly drain it (but never totally drained because you need a little bit of the water to avoid the sticking) in a large colander and immediately rinse it with the boiling water to prevent the Pasta sticking togheter or toss the Pasta with a little olive oil or butter if you are not going to dress with the sauce immediately. The time for cooking can change a lot between the different types of Pasta and also between the different marks of Pasta. If you want, you can also read the indications written on the packages by the producer, but remember, the best help to understand the right time of cooking Pasta will be only your personal taste, that by the time will become always more sensible. RIGHT?!