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Frequent massages and hot baths formed part of the gladiator's hygiene but food remained the most important point. Here is some "Roman Gladiator's Diet" information.

The professional roman gladiators were treated well and fed properly with high protein diet. At least 3 meals a day. Seneca writes: "The gladiators eat and drink what they will give back with their blood".

The roman gladiator's diet consisted of proteins from different sources, cereals and vegetables.

A fermented bread made of Farro (a famous cereal in Rome) and a soup made of farro and orzo were the base for the carbo and amids. High protein sources derived from roasted meat, dry fruits, fresh cheese, goat milk, eggs.

Among the vegetables, onions and garlic were used abundantly, along with wild lettuce. The popularity onion grew into ancient Greece where athletes consumed large quantities because it would “lighten the balance of the blood”. After Rome conquered Greece, the onion became a staple in the Roman diet. Roman Gladiators were rubbed down with onion juice to “firm up the muscles”.

Roman gladiators in their diet also ate barley for strength and stamina. Another very important vegetable in the Gladiator diet was Anethum graveolens. The Romans thought that it increased physical force. For the gladiators, it was therefore an indispensable ingredient to add without parsimony to every meal.

Olive oil was used frequently with meals. Fried cakes, boiled meat and cold drinks were prohibited.

A great snack for energy in the Roman Gladiator's diet was Goat Milk with Honey and Walnuts... The Roman Gladiators, like any athlete, did not drink wine immediately after training but only water.

When they ate their "Coena Libera" (the last dinner before the fight) they "stuffed themselves" so much that the dinner lasted long hours. Moreover, they were advised to chew their food well in order to extract the maximum energy from it... to receive a Free completed day menu for the roman gladiator diet, send an email to

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